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Let your story be ours to tell!

Our team loves story-telling and making multimedia projects FUN!  We’ve got an experienced, award-winning team that’s dedicated to creating awesome messages that delivers results for your target audience!  We succeed, when you succeed so let’s Visualize Navigate Achieve!


What We Do

WHY VIDEO: Video and photos are the “gold standard” for dramatically increasing views and engagement across all social media platforms! Video brands your business, moves you ahead of competitors, while giving you the opportunity to boost sales, increase your followers, and expand your business!

We understand that safety training should be proactive, not reactive! Video lets you easily teach and motivate your team 24/7-365 about the importance of working injury free, and making it home safely to family and loved ones everyday! Video can help your team prevent an injury before it happens!  Let the Media1Group help you start targeting your most problematic safety issues with video training today!




Who We Are

Visualize Navigate Achieve: That powerful three word mission statement drives every successful project we create!  The Media1Group has a super talented team of Emmy and Telly award winners who bring creativity, passion, and decades of experience to each and every one of our multimedia productions! We’ll take care of everything from planning, to scripting, to post-production, so let’s make your next project a fun, cost-effective experience that gets results for your business!



Let the Media 1 Group help you take all of your social media, sales and safety training projects to the next level!  We’re anxious to make new friends and develop long-term business relationships! Please contact us anytime at with any questions! Let’s Visualize Navigate Achieve together! 






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